Warranty and Liability Terms

Most warranties are going to give you a bunch of legalese and terms spelled out to the N‐th degree but we will make it simple for you, because you shouldn’t have to read through a mess of terminology to understand when you are entitled to. By purchasing this product you have agreed to the following terms.

3 years from the date of purchase, but not before the date of registration at Greenfilmusa.com. The following terms will be determined on a case by case basis by us.

The purpose of this warranty is to ensure you are satisfied. Not for us to avoid responsibility.

1. We will replace a faulty product, meaning it was damaged when you got it.

2. We will not replace it if you damaged it. Note that trimming an Auto Custom Cut film product voids your warranty. Please contact us before cutting the film.

If the item was broken when you received it we will replace the item at no shipping cost to you. If you wish for a refund we will be happy to refund the full purchase price plus any shipping charges you may have had to pay in order for us to evaluate the product.

The following terms spell out what we are liable for. These terms extend beyond the warranty and take effect regardless of registration status.

1. We are not liable if you are negligent with our products.

2. We are liable if by some instance the film causes bodily harm through a failure of the product. NOT THROUGH MISUSE.