The difference between static cling tint and traditional window tint.

The differences between our static cling window tints and traditional window tints.

The main difference between normal window tint and static cling window tint is that one contains glue to apply onto the window and the other uses static electricity and atmospheric pressure.

The other difference will usually be the construction or materials used in the creation of the tint.

Static cling window tint will usually be made with PVC while there are a variety of materials that normal adhesive window tint is made with.

There are some differences in the application when it comes to standard window tint depending on the glue used to make the tint (if it is 2 ply) tints made with a stiffer glue will be easier to apply as it does not have a tendency to wrinkle and crease like films made with the softer glue.

Static cling film, due to the way it is made, has certain limitations in the level of infrared heat it can block due to certain material applications as well as on what windows it can be applied to.

Most important to static cling window tint is its ability to be removed and added due to weather allowing a level of modularity with regards to that tint.

Static cling window tint is also easier to install in that the lack of glue allows you to correct mistakes and re-install the tint should it be needed.

Finally, to summarize, static cling has convenience and ease of installation, and standard tint tends to have higher quality components and a wider array of applications.


Our G-cling windows film does not have glue, therefore no bubbles will occur even years after installation. There are a few reasons bubbles form under traditional tints. The first most important reason is the low quality of the adhesive. The second is improper installation. The third is the low quality of the installation solution. Low-end tints will normally form bubbles within a few years after installation.

Error Free

Greenfilm: Our installation process is error free. Unlike traditional films, our g-cling can be easily removed after applying to remove any dirt or to easily readjust the film. Since traditional films contain glue, it is extremely difficult to remove any debris that is left under the film after installation.

Removable & Reusable

There is no extra cost for removing! Since our films don't contain glue, they can easily be removed and re-installed or rolled and stored away until you are ready to re-install. This makes it suitable if you are renting a car and don't want to pay for removing the tint. Traditional films can cost around $100 for removal. Removing tint with glue can also leave behind a sticky mess that can damage your windows. They can also not be reused after removing.


There is no need to pay a high installation fee or to find time to take your vehicle to a tint shop. Our films can be easily installed yourself which will save you time and money. Traditional films need to be installed professionally. This means paying hundreds on fees and having your vehicle in a tint shop for hours.

Heat Gun

Our films are static cling. They do not require a heat gun for installation. All that is required is our installation solution. Traditional films require a heat gun for installation.