The Benefits of DIY Car Window Tint

It really irritates me when people try to inspect my car whenever I’m at a red light. Wouldn’t you feel the same? Everyone does for sure! I can't stand when people look over at me at traffic signals or when I'm enjoying my juicy mushroom burger while sitting in my car. Having your car windows tinted can help keep away those prying eyes. It also has a ton of other benefits like keeping the sunlight from burning you and prevents prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays.

What is window tinting?

Tinting windows is typically a process in which a thin transparent sheet is applied to the inside or outside of the car windows, as well as to the glass installed at home, shopfront, or office, with or without adhesives. These transparent films come in a variety of thicknesses, shades, colors, and grades. Different countries and states have ranging laws regarding tinting car windows for security reasons. The material used in these sheets is generally polyethylene terephthalate (PET) along with a scratch-resistant coating.

This material is widely used for window tinting due to its fineness, malleability, and ease of fixture on any surface. The categorization of these films depends on the construction of materials to address specific reasons for their use. Ceramic films are perfect to block UV radiations, dyed and pigmented films offer protection from trespassers, and intruders as well as provide resistance against stormy and adverse weather.

Hiring a professional vs. Doing it yourself?

People usually hire professionals who work at their local Body Shop to install tint for their car windows. The issue is you don’t need to be a professional to install our window film. Because our films are self-adhesive, you don’t have to mess with glue. Another problem associated with hiring a professional would be getting an appointment. After you finally manage to land an appointment you then have to wait for them to install the window tint which could take up to a few hours. It doesn’t make sense searching for a professional who suits your budget or requirements when you can simply do it yourself. Is it really worth the extra hassle? A DIY process is way cheaper than hiring someone that’ll charge an arm and a leg. Above all, you’d love taking pride in achieving a goal all on your own.

The Benefits of DIY window tinting:

Tinting your windows comes with a ton of advantages. Here are some of them:

1. Reduces inside temperature:

No matter how well you’ve installed your air-conditioning system, beams from the hot summer sun would still lead the car’s temperature to rise. With the help of window tint, you can maintain the inside temperature without putting extra load on your air-conditioners.

2. No more temporary blindness from the sun and headlights:

A majority of road accidents are caused by sun and headlight glare all over the world. Don’t let this happen to you. Window tint not only prevents direct sunlight from penetrating through your vehicle but also reflects glare coming from the outside.

3. Safety against PMLE (skin rash):

PMLE (Polymorphic Light Eruption) is a skin disease that results in itchy rashes when exposed to direct sunlight. UVA and UVB rays could cause skin cancer especially in faired skin people or those with sensitive skin. Window tint can easily block UV rays while driving and save you from these health hazards.

4. Enjoy your privacy:

People everywhere are always poking their noses into others business, which can be very annoying. With a professional-grade tint, you can avoid this situation and enjoy your private moments inside your car. Take a nap, chat with your loved ones, or just eat and drink while parked without being noticed by passers-by. Precisely designed privacy films reduce the chances of visibility through your car windows. 

5. Stay safe:

When you are on the road you are prone to unexpected accidents. If unfortunately, you got into a car wreck and the glass shatters, a direct impact might result in severe injury. Tinted window glass is less likely to rupture as it’s protected with a coated layer that prevents the glass from shattering. If it is against the state laws to put colored tints on your car windows, there are colorless and non-reflecting tints available in the market and you can install those tints and keep you safe from any unwanted situation.

6. Stay secure:

Your car un-tinted windows are easy prey for intruders, burglars, and thieves. It could be your personal belongings at risk. As technology evolves new things came up for more security and you should take these security measures into account. There are tints with special coatings that are hard to break. A 2 to 14 mil thick tint is great for protection against such bad events.

7. Reduce your fuel costs with thermal insulation:

Windows are a great source of natural light from the outside world and no machine can match that. However, without thermal insulation you can’t stop heat or cold penetrating through the glass or escaping from the car. To maintain the inside temperature, your cooling or heating system will consume more fuel. With the help of window tints, thermal insulation of your car's interior could be increased thus the inside temperature will remain constant.  

8. Give aesthetic look to your vehicle:

Decorative or graphic design films are trendier than ever which not only offer privacy but also adds style & appearance to your car windows. These films come with easy DIY installation and offer to keep out prying eyes without blocking sunlight. It also keeps heat out which is a pleasant surprise. Nanotechnology window tint is widely used in automotive styling to not only give a slick look but also offer all the above-mentioned benefits.

The benefits of DIY car window tinting ranges from both privacy to safety while driving on the road. You'll save time, effort, and money doing it yourself. Here at Greenfilm we offer both Custom Cut and Standard size DIY window tint! Be sure to browse our Shop page and order today!

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