Prevent sunburn from UV rays when flying a floating plane or seaplane

Prevent sunburn from UV rays when flying a floating plane or seaplane.



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A few weeks ago John ordered some of our G-Cling 70 window tint on our website. And when we called to verify some order details, it turns out he was buying film for his plane.

Yes, his plane!

After talking to him for a bit, we found out that he was getting over-heated and sunburned when flying his plane. What most don’t know is that UV rays exist everywhere doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, on the beach or high in the mountains. The fact is, the higher you are in the sky, the stronger the UV rays are. That’s why the seats next to the windows on a commercial flight usually has more risk of exposing one to being sunburned. However, when we fly this way, we can simply pull down the curtain to prevent being sunburned. But when flying a personal aircraft such as a floating plane or seaplane, you can’t use curtains as a pilot to protect yourself or prevent the cabin from becoming a personal sauna. And it goes without saying that you’ll need to see, so dark film will definitely be off the list. These risks and troubles led him to us, and our reusable heat-blocking window film.

After discovering this we asked if he would share some pictures of his plane and he kindly agreed. It was so exciting to see an airplane with G-Cling on the window. One of the things we love the most about these pictures is how you can’t actually see the tint on the windows. Which is exactly what the G-Cling 70 is supposed to do. Another good thing is, you can simply take it off without any glue remaining on the window!

It’s always wonderful to discover the multitude of ways people use our film, it shows us that we are doing what we set out to do.