How to choose which VLT/tint is right for you.

How to choose which VLT/tint is right for you.

The first thing to understand about window tint and window films, aka adhered window insulation, is that they tend to come in many varieties. Your first step before installing is to understand what you are buying. The first choice you will be making is how dark you will want your window tint. NOW be warned a darker tint DOES NOT mean it will block more heat. It just means it will block more light. When making this choice be sure to understand the tinting laws in your country or state as they vary and will determine your options. Once you have decided how dark or transparent you want your tint also known as the VLT, you will need to decide on the type.

There are two main types of window tint available to the average consumer. Adhesive and static cling. Static cling will allow you to add remove and re-install the film as many times as needed to get it right. However, depending on brand the quality can vary. Then there is adhesive window film. The quality can also vary here, but the quality can be much higher than with static cling. For example Greenfilm offers a 73% VLT static cling window film that blocks 85% of IR and 99.9% of UV. Where as a standard 5% window tint that is adhesive could block no heat at all. However due to it being an adhesive tint their prices may be the same. On the other hand there are adhesive tints by 3M that can block 99% of IR. Price is a consideration with tints like these as once a mistake is made during install it will be impossible to repair.

Aside from the type of tint you are getting, the brand is a consideration. Some brands specialize in mirrored, static cling, high end, or low end. Most brands will sell their film in a roll that you can purchase and will have to cut yourself. Here at Greenfilm, we can cut the film for you. The time saved by the custom cut approach is usually worth it as trimming film can be a tedious and time consuming task. Finally make sure you get an installation kit as they come with tools necessary for proper installation.

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