How to Choose a Tint Film for Your Home or Apartment.

Want to hide from snooping eyes invading your privacy through your windows in your apartment but your grumpy landlord is putting barriers between you and your privacy? No need to imprecate. Here is an easy solution to liven up your rental apartment without violating the rules.

If you’re a home-loving soul and crave an exceptional and elegant living space without squandering lots of money, you might consider installing a non-adhesive static cling window film.

You don't have to bother drawing curtains because your neighbors and streetwalkers won't be able to see through the film. The designs are pleasant to look at and you no longer see every fleck of dirt on your window panes, no exposure to harming UV rays, and no heat penetration during summer or escape during winter.


What is Static Cling Window Film?

When talking about window film, we come across two main classes in terms of their installation. One which sticks to the surface with an adhesive and the other non-adhesive static cling window film made of vinyl substance applied directly to the surface.

Static cling window film is a beautiful way to add some privacy for a temporary living such as a rental house! What’s great about a static cling window film is that you can’t mess up when hanging it on the window. It’s just soapy water so you can redo if you make any mistakes during installation. It provides the perfect coverage with no longer feeling like you live in a fishbowl while still allowing a nice even light to come in. It also keeps the temperature down when the sun is sending its ruthless rays.


Before going ahead, let me tell you what static cling is and the science that lies behind it. Don’t let the name static fool you because it has no involvement with the static electricity. The actual story behind the sticking properties of static cling is the non-porous vinyl material which creates air pressure and molecular bondage with the clean glass surface. If the surface is perfectly cleaned and there’s no residue on the surface, the vinyl sheet is applied while removing the air just like a suction cup works to create a vacuum.

The installation of a static cling film is a breeze. Not a single hitch! If you aren’t handy and have never done a DIY project before it doesn’t matter. It’s not a sticky mess to apply. Slather on a generous amount of application solution to help the film slide without putting any effort, and remove air bubbles with a squeegee. It's as simple as that. 

The measurements are incredibly effortless, super easy to cut with an X-ACTO knife, which cut through it with ease. This stuff holds on by static cling, which means there is no damage to the window. It’s really neat if you move (great for renters) or ever change your mind. You won’t have a gooey mess to clean off the windows. It can be easily peeled off and used elsewhere!

If you have multiple panes of a window, measure each one to be sure. You might have multiple pieces per pane, but you'll have minimal waste. These pieces of the film fit together well, with minimal seam showing, as long as the joining edges are both straight.

Static cling window film looks amazing whether it’s day or night. It truly looks amazing while still giving you the privacy you desire.