How to choose a static cling tint.

How to choose a static cling DIY window tint.

There are many considerations to take into account when writing a guide like this but for now we will be focusing on the concerns that a normal customer would have when selecting a DIY window tint.

The most important thing to understand when selecting a DIY tint regardless of whether it is for your home or your car, is the quality of materials.

A PVC material is best due to its flexibility and durability.

The next consideration, which does depend on whether you are choosing for your home or vehicle is the tint darkness.

In many states there are regulations that determine what darkness of tint you can have on your vehicle.

So please be aware of those regulations in your state before selecting a darkness of tint for your vehicle.

If you are selecting it for your house, it is important to know whether this room will be used for anything that will require a high level of light during the day and if needing to turn the lights on earlier due to a darker tint. Understanding the cost difference in electricity between A/C cost reduction versus the cost increase from turning on the lights early.

Once you have decided on the darkness of the tint, there are the technical considerations such as how much heat and UV light it blocks.

If you are wanting to get a high quality tint in the technical areas it is important to compare brands to ensure you are getting the best specifications for the money you are spending.