How do I keep my house warm?

How do I keep my house warm?

Understanding how to keep your home warm in the winter is an important consideration.

When a home is cold in the winter it is usually due to two forms of heat escaping, radiant and conductive.

Insulated walls can help with reducing the lost conductive heat.

It Is important to understand how insulated walls will keep conductive heat inside the home.

Conductive heat works on the idea of instantaneous heat transfer, heat is actually defined as molecules or atoms moving at a rate above zero. When the vibratory rate reaches the same speed as its surroundings the heat stops being transferred.

What insulation does is it adds what is known as dead space, air believe it or not is a terrible conductor of heat.

So when houses are built there is the exterior wall and the interior wall, creates a dead space in between which keeps heat from being transferred easily, insulated walls have fiberglass in them which is a worse conductor than air which prevents even more heat from escaping.

Installing window tint can reduce the amount lost due to radiant heat.

Using a the right tint will make sure that you allow heat in during the day and keep heat in at night, also taking it down during the day and putting it up at night will allow a maximum of radiant heat into the home but minimize the amount that escapes and save you energy

This is best achieved with a static cling window tint with an IR blocking factor of 85% or greater.

This will prevent a maximum of radiant heat from escaping the home.

Using the two solutions above, this will fully insulate your home.