Home Window Tinting vs Blinds

Your window is the ideal place to sit behind, take sips of coffee, and view the outside world with refreshing morning sunshine, but can you sit there all day long? I don’t think so. As long as the sun will rise at its apex and start throwing stinging rays through the window getting under your skin, you’ll need to veil them.


You rarely spend your whole day under the sky and even if you get a chance to get home and enjoy a bit of relaxation, you’re still stalked by those agonizing UV rays through your window panes. It’s a pity!


What if you are doing whatever you’re doing inside your home then suddenly notice someone is watching you whether it be some passersby or a neighbor? It’s annoying. Nobody wants to be observed like this and allow someone to poke through our privacy. This gives us the reason to cover our windows and ensure privacy.


Window Tinting vs Blinds:

To block the skin burning heat from entering our homes, to provide seclusion, and to add artistry to our home décor, homeowners, either use blinds or tint their windows. Both options have their perks along with some hitches. Let’s discuss them so you could easily decide what option would meet your demands.


Heat Reflection
heat reflection

Blinds- During hot summer days, blinds can effectively hinder the sunbeams and can keep our interior bearable for a while but instead of repelling incoming heat, these blinds absorb it which causes a gradual increase in room temperature.

Tint- Window tint creates a barrier between the harsh sunlight and your room. And also tends to rebound those offensive rays and aids in maintaining sustained room temperature.


Sun Glare:


Blinds- To minimize the harmful effects of sun blaze, window blinds are a great help, but you must sacrifice the outside natural light too.

Tint- You can enjoy the daylight without getting distracted from the cruel sun glare if you have tinted your windows. Window film screens out the sun glare and only lets the unharmed natural light in.

Protection Against UV Rays:

uv rays
Blinds- UV radiation can causes skin cancer and other diseases as well as shortens the life of furniture, fabrics, and flooring. Unfortunately, blinds are unable to block these deadly rays.

Tint- You can protect your home from deterioration by tinting your windows. These films filter out UV rays up to 99% and allow in only refreshing and natural light.



Blinds- Can provide complete privacy, You can feel more comfortable at home without disturbance from peeping toms but at the cost of natural light and outer view.

Tint- Window tints come in different color schemes and shades which not only let in all the light in a magical array of colors but also offer ample amount of privacy.

 Shielding Against Broken Glass:

broken glass
Blinds- If, by any accident, your window breaks. You don’t want shards of glass falling everywhere with children in your home, window blinds will not help.

Tint- Tint film is strong. If your window breaks, no glass fragments will shatter. The film will keep the glass fragments intact.  



Blinds- Dirt and dust can easily accumulate on window blinds. Cleaning all that mess demands elbow grease.

Tint- A tinted window provides an exceptional hygienic approach with no grime build-up. Cleaning your window is a piece of cake. A cotton rag is sufficient to wipe off the dirt with no residue left behind.


Energy Efficiency:


Blinds- Can block sunlight from entering your house but the heat can still creep in and you’ll have no choice but to operate your cooling system, causing high utility bills.

Tint- Sufficient light with no glare and heat will illuminate your interior with a  comfortably sustained temperature, resulting in an energy-efficient environment with a reduced electric bill.


Cost Efficiency:


Blinds- Window blinds are very expensive. You’ll have to pay a hefty installation fee if you want error-free work.

Tint- Won’t need a truckload of money to buy window film and shelling out extra bucks to get it installed. Extremely cost-efficient!

 Ease of Installation:


BlindsNeeds an apt DIY experience or a professional to install them. It requires lots of time and work along with numerous drill holes on your spotless walls.

Tint- Installation is a breeze. No need to be an expert DIYer or hire a professional. If you haven’t done it before, do it now without hassle. Even if you made a mistake, peel it off and reapply it again.




Blinds- In this modern age, folks out there are fascinated with the traditional feel. Window blinds are a great source of offering such an eminent and ancestral atmosphere. You can complement your interior with an added traditional feel using window blinds.

Tint- Although, window films come in added styles, textures, and conventional feels to meet everyone’s taste, yet these can’t win this contest.


Final Verdict:

Keeping the above inquisition in view, the decision goes in favor of window tinting. If you have a personal preference, you can go along with any home windows treatment option you love but if you want a bunch of dishes on one table at a time, there should be no other choice but tinting your windows.