EM Spectrum Wifi And Microwave Oven Article

EM Spectrum Wifi And Microwave Oven Article

This morning I read an article talking about a lightbulb that was powered by radio waves. My curiosity piqued I started to look further into what was known as the “Microwave” EM Band (300Mhz-300Ghz) and the Radio EM band (3Khz-300Ghz).

I already wrote a blog post on standard microwaves, and without going to far into detail lets say that the way it cooks food is fascinating. Below is a listing of certain frequencies or ranges that you may be familiar with.

FM Radio 88 – 108Mhz

XM radio is 2.3Ghz

WiFi 2.4Ghz 0.1-1.0W(Omnidirectional)

Most consumer microwaves use 2.45Ghz 1000W (Focused)

What you may be asking yourself is “But if WiFi and Microwave ovens operate at such similar frequencies how come my WiFi doesn’t cook me?” Well the answer is the amplitude of the waves, or more simply, the power behind them.

A standard microwave oven uses 1000W of energy microwaves in a focused cone that is then bounced around a small box that exposes your food to that energy over and over again.

Your WiFi signal is at a Thousandth and in some cases a Ten-Thousandth of that energy, its in every direction and it is in a rather large box called your home where the sides rather than reflecting the energy absorb it.

Much like the way our 73% film will absorbs the infrared Radiation from the sun.