EM Spectrum Radar History

EM Spectrum Radar History

Radar is very complex subject so to avoid boring you to death with a very long article we are only going to talk about a small part of it.

Starting off at the beginning, first a little bit of history, The first fully functioning pulsed radar was first invented in 1935 by Rudolf Kunhold in Germany at GEMA.Radar operates on numerous different frequencies, the GEMA radar operated on the 2000Hz EM frequency. Even though the radar was first designed in Germany the name RADAR comes from the US navy. Radar’s Ubiquity would not arise until the cavity magnetron was invented in 1940 by Jerry Randall and Harry Boot in 1940. From there numerous different variations have been developed using different pulse spacing and frequencies. To go into all of these would take several articles however we can explain some of the theory behind it. Modern radar operates on the pulsed signal method, the earliest forms of radar operated on the wave interference method. The difference between these is that one uses repeated pulses with gaps in between them and measuring the time between the pulses against the time between the interference of the signal (IE. the object) to get distance Velocity, and bearing, not to mention presence. The interference method only shows the presence. It wouldn’t be till 1936 that the pulsed method would arise.

As an aside home window film and residential window film, as well as privacy window tints use another spectrum of EM radiation, Light, UV, and infrared.

These films all block or filter some portion of the same energy that is used to detect planes boats, missles, asteroids, and comets.

From there the pulsed magnetron would be invented shortly thereafter and then as they say, the rest is history.