EM Spectrum Microwaves Article

EM Spectrum Microwaves Article

Did you know that Visible light and microwaves are just different wavelengths of light.

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Visible light or in the window tint world, VL, are both different ranges of wavelengths that fall on what is known as the Electomagnetic Spectrum or EM Spectrum.

All light on the EM spectrum oscillates at a specific rate called a frequency, when microwaves enter your food they actually act on the water in your food. The water in your food acts like a bar magnet with two poles, north and south. As the EM microwaves enter the food, oscillating, the water flips around to match the EM polarity of the microwaves.

Interestingly, when things are hotter the molecules are actually just moving faster. So when the microwaves flip the water around many, many, many times a second, your food, gets hot.

Much like the coating in your microwave prevents these microwaves from exiting the microwave, vibrating the water in your body and cooking you, the special nano particle treatment of our window film prevents the infrared and UV wavelengths of the EM spectrum from getting into your house or car.