A guide to DIY or installed tint.

A guide to DIY or installed tint.

If you put in the search term

“Window tint price”

You were probably wanting a quote on window tint.

Or looking for a helpful guide on what the normal prices of window tint are.


This is the latter.

The first thing we need to understand is that tint can be bought for both the home and your vehicle and pricing of the two can be very different and usually is. Cars are usually done on a per window or per vehicle basis

Homes are done on a per sqft basis.


Window tinting for homes.

Here are some of the other considerations.

Usually, the price of home tinting according to some sources is about $6-$10 per square feet when you get it done professionally by a team. Which makes the cost for a 5ft by 6ft sliding glass door price goes up to $300. Not to mention that you need to take off from work just so you can open the door for the installer.

For a DIY project, the film cost could be as low as $1.20 - $2.20 per square feet which makes the whole project budget be as low as $70 for 5ft by 6ft. 


Window tinting for cars.

Car pricing can vary wildly depending on whether you are buying a high-quality tint or low-quality tint, and what the installer would value their time at.

The first thing to take into consideration is why you are buying the tint, is it purely for looks, or is your car too hot?

If it’s the latter and you are wanting to block 99%UV/IR you will be paying in the $400 area for your car’s tint.

If it's more in the 60% UV/IR you will be looking at around $200-$300

If its purely for aesthetic reasons it could be as low as $150-$200 

Bear in mind that if you are buying tint for a car that has been tinted before the price will run about

$50-$150 extra due to the additional labor cost.


If you are buying tint to tint your windows your self

 There are other factors to take into consideration

Like how long it will take you to install and how much the supplies will cost

The key thing is to understand how much your time is worth.

You can take your salary and divide by 52 and then divide by 40 to get the value of your hourly time according to where you work.


However, in some cases, it depends on how much you value your free time.

If your free time is precious to you, I would say, how precious.

If on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not precious 10 being the most precious thing you have it’s 5 multiply your hourly wage by 1.5 and you will know how much your time is worth.

Now take the price above subtract the cost of the tint you are buying and divide what’s left by your free time wage.



For instance, assuming your salary is 40K/yr,





Hourly- Freetime



And assuming the cost of the film you are buying is a nice high end 99% film for $200
and getting that installed would be around $400

Leads us to






Means that the difference in cost is worth about 7 hours of your free time.

That means if you can complete it in less than 7 hours it will have been worth your time.


We hope this guide has helped you in your search for a better understanding of purchasing window tint.